Kelly Clarkson's Talk Show May Undergo Major Change

The Kelly Clarkson Show is currently considering some major changes to the show's production. According to recent reports, the talk show is mulling over relocating to the east coast's Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). The talk show has been filmed on the Universal lot in Los Angeles since its launch in 2019. According to Variety, NBCUniversal is only in the discussion phase on a potential east coast move, and nothing has been finalized. Sources close to the show said Clarkson asked NBCU to evaluate the move. Currently in its fourth season, The Kelly Clarkson Show has been renewed for a sixth season. The show will finish its current season at the Universal lot before possibly moving to a new location next fall for the fifth season. In order to "maintain consistency," production plans to keep as many people from the original cast and crew as possible. 

A production staffer told Variety that besides bringing the superstar closer to his family, a move would allow the show to evolve and elevate. Moving away from Los Angeles may also provide a better tax incentive. In the past two seasons, The Kelly Clarkson Show has filmed special shows in New York City for its premiere weeks. Clarkson stated in her Variety cover story last year that she would live somewhere else if she didn't have to work in Los Angeles. "It's nothing against L.A. It's just hard for me to be in a place that has one season. I love rain, and I love storms. I'm just from a different place," Clarkson said in the cover story. "It's important to love your life – I love work, and I love everybody I work with and I love my friends, but geographically speaking, that wouldn't be my first choice."

The move has not yet been reported to affect Clarkson's role on The Voice, which takes place on Universal Studios' lot. In the 23rd season of the NBC music competition show, Clarkson will serve as a coach for the ninth time as original coach Blake Shelton departs. With a rotating roster of musician coaches on The Voice, Clarkson wouldn't be unusual for taking a break. Variety noted that since Clarkson is an essential talent at NBCU, a schedule could likely be arranged between The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show if she continues with her role on the singing competition show in the future. This past week, two freshman daytime talk shows were renewed for the 2023-2024 season: The Jennifer Hudson Show and Sherri Shepherd's Sherri.