Keanu Reeves Is Open to 'Yellowstone'

Keanu Reeves has had plenty of memorable roles over the years, including his blockbuster turn in The Matrix and his current success with John Wick. But he has also tipped his toes in other genres and boundary-pushing roles that aren't always in his wheelhouse. But if you take a look at his resume, you'll notice a sore lack of westerns in the mix.

Yes, Reeves got to ride a horse through New York City in the last John Wick, and he's taken on period roles like 47 Ronin, Dracula, and Much Ado About Nothing. He even essentially played a wild west villain in The Bad Batch, though that's hard to classify as a western. But according to Parade, Reeves wants to correct this absence and gives an enthusiastic response when asked about joining the popular western/neo-western series Yellowstone and its spinoffs.

"Would you ever be interested in a surprise role in something like 'Yellowstone?' I would love to see you in something like that," ET Canada's Keshia Chante asked Reeves. "I'd love to do a Western!" Reeves responded. "So yeah! Yeah, sure!"

She also asked Reeves when he was going to take on a buddy comedy with repeat partner Laurence Fishburne, offering little resistance to that idea, as well. "Yeah, that would be fun," Reeves said. "He's funny! He's got a wonderful sense of humor and a marvelous mark. I mean, legend...So, yeah, that'd be fun. Road movie, yeah, road comedy."

Reeves has a few comedies on his resume, so a western would be the brand new territory. He's also light on the superhero roles, though there is a potential return to Constantine in the future and a potential Marvel role. The latter could have already happened in his career, though, but Reeves admitted to turning it down with some regret.

"No...but I did always want to play Wolverine," Reeves admitted during a Reddit AMA earlier in March. There isn't any indication that Reeves was in the running for the role, but Hugh Jackman would eventually win it for the first X-Men film and is set to return one more time in Deadpool 3.

Who knows, though. With the current drama behind-the-scenes at Yellowstone and the potential Matthew McConaughey follow-up, could Reeves ride in as a dark horse for a future role?