Katey Sagal Open to the Idea of 'Married With Children' Spinoff

Katey Sagal has several projects on her plate, but the former Sons of Anarchy star said she would love to reunite with Ed O'Neill for a possible Married With Children spinoff or revival.

"I would consider it," Sagal told Us Weekly on Wednesday. "We always talk about it. All of us do!"

Unfortunately, most of the show's cast is too busy with other projects to make it work.

"Schedules never work out," Sagal explained. "And what it would look like? Probably not too different than it looked like before. Just older. Just older people."

Married With Children aired on FOX from 1987 to 1997, and starred O'Neill as Al Bundy, and Sagal as his wife, Peggy. Christina Applegate and David Faustino played their children. Sagal herself called the show misogynistic because of its portrayal of women in a 2017 interview.

While the show's gender politics do not line up with her own beliefs, Sagal told Us Weekly this week she would not call for the show to be censored.

"Our whole thing on that show was," she said of its misogynistic basis. "I don't believe in censorship. I believe that each individual is responsible for [themselves] — you can change the channel — if your children are watching something like that. But I don't necessarily think that that … we would censor art in anyway."

In her 2017 interview on AOL's BUILD Series, Sagal said she was often asked if she believed in Married With Children's portrayal of women. She insisted that playing Peg Bundy was just a job.

"If you're asking me, do I think women should be portrayed in a misogynistic way, in an exploited way, of course I don't think that. But playing Peg Bundy had nothing to do with what I thought," she said at the time. "That was my job."

Sagal's latest comments about a reunion series came after Faustino told TMZ he would take part in it, and "everybody wants to do it," barring a "legal issue."

O'Neill, who is busy with ABC's Modern Family, told HuffPost in 2016 he thought the Bundy story was finished.

Sagal, who earned four Golden Globe nominations for Married With Children, also has a full plate on her hands. After CBS cancelled Superior Donuts last year, she had a cameo on Mayans M.C. in her Sons of Anarchy role. She also appeared on ABC's The Conners and Showtime's Shameless.

In February, Sagal signed on to star in Nana, an ABC family sitcom pilot. The pilot centers on a father trying to keep his life together after his wife died. Sagal plays the wife's mother, who tries to take care of her two granddaughters, even though she barely knows them.


Photo credit: Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images