Jordan Fisher Talks His 'Awesome Ride' on 'The Flash' (Exclusive)

Jordan Fisher is part of the DC Comics universe as he portrays a variation of Bart Allen in The CW series The Flash. In the show, Bart Allen is the son of Barry Allen (The Flash) and Iris West-Allen, and due to his speed, Bart's alter-ego is Impulse. In an exclusive interview with, Fisher talked about his experience of playing a comic book character on a popular TV series. 

"Oh, man, that's been a wild and awesome ride," Fisher exclusively told PopCulture. "Actually, I posted on my story yesterday, DC Comics has restructured what Impulse and XS look like now in the DC comic universe and Impulse looks like me and XS looks like Jessica [Parker Kennedy] and DC Comics made two Black kids' dreams come true and I couldn't be more grateful for that."

Bart Allen/Impulse was first introduced in DC Comics back in 1994. The character has appeared in various factions over the years, including Teen Titans and the Justice League. And when it comes to live-action. Bart Allen/Impulse was previously portrayed by Kyle Gallner in the series Smallville. Fisher first appeared in The Flash in Season 7 and then returned in Season 8.

Fans are wondering what lies ahead for Bart Allen as The Flash heads to Season 9. Fans would love to see Fisher star as Impulse in a spinoff series, but when series showrunner Eric Wallace spoke to Deadline earlier this month he said that no spinoff series is in the works. 

"No, because you really don't start looking at spinoffs until you think you're not coming back, and I'm not thinking that way," he said. Now, having said that, obviously…we've introduced a lot of characters over the last couple of seasons…I would say to the audience, if you have some characters that we have introduced in the last few years that you want to see in a spinoff, you should write to The CW. But I'm going to just stay focused on The Flash right now before I start focusing on anything else."


A TV series may not be in the works at the moment. But could we see Fisher as Bart Allen/Impulse in a DC Extended Universe film? "Listen, if they want to talk about the box office release and joining the Justice League, absolutely, yeah, for sure," Fisher said. "I'd be thrilled."