'Jeopardy!' Fans Couldn't Get Over 'OK Boomer' Becoming an Answer During 'Greatest of All-Time' Tournament

One of the most popular sayings coined in recent months ended up as a response in tonight's installment of Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time, much to the delight of fans online. During night three, the answer on the board referred to a two-word phrase that was the subject of a much-discussed New York Times article last year. Once Jennings revealed the answer, "OK, Boomer," Twitter lit up with responses to the now-popular saying, including Times reporter Taylor Lorenz, who penned the article.

Other Jeopardy! fans were quick to join in the fun. "A bunch of old white people just broke their TVs and hips," joked one fan, while another commented simply, "I can’t believe they did it." A third channeled Seinfeld's George Costanza with another popular saying, "We live in a society."

Along with the elated reactions to "OK, Boomer," which including Jennings himself, contestant James Holzhauer also sacrificed a couple of points in the Final Jeopardy! round to poke a little bit of fun at host Alex Trebek.

After seemingly not having read up on the subject of foreign-born film directors who've won the Best Director Oscar twice but lost Best Picture, Holzhauer instead wrote "What is GHOST," which stood for "Greatest Host of Syndicated TV." A touching moment in itself, but he doubled down by starting to scribble Pat Sajak, before hastily crossing it out and replacing it with Trebek's.

"I wish you had risked more points," Trebek responded in his signature deadpan style.

Worth noting that none of the three contestants got the answer correct, which was "Who are Alfonso Cuarón and Ang Lee." Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain, earned Lee two Best Director Oscars, while Cuaron won for Roma and Gravity, though none of the films won Best Picture.


The final score tonight ended with Jennings at 67,600 points, Holzhauer with 33,692 and Rutter bringing up the rear with 23,467. After tonight's two-game match, Jennings is in the lead with two wins, with James Holzhauer right behind with one. Brad Rutter, the biggest monetary winner in the show's history, has yet to make it on the board. The first contestant to win three games will earn the designation of the show's all-time greatest player, along with a $1 million prize.

Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time will resume Tuesday, Jan. 14 on ABC.