'Jeopardy!': Mayim Bialik Allegedly Causing Friction on Set

Mayim Bialik may still be getting settled on the Jeopardy! set since being named an interim host, but sources on the set tell OK! Magazine that the transition hasn't exactly been easy, naming Bialik as the main problem. "Mayim's getting the job done, but she isn't fitting into the culture and insists on doing a lot of things her own way," the source shares. 

Bialik has been standing in for about two months now, working as the main host after former executive producer Mike Richards stepped down abruptly after he was announced as the main host due to reports of offensive comments and lewd behavior. Though the production staff isn't too happy with some of her choices. "But people don't think Mayim cuts the right figure on set, even when it comes to her fashion sense," the source continued. "She insists on choosing her own outfits, which has led to a lot of eye-rolling."

Producers have been on the hunt for a new permanent host of the series, and it doesn't seem likely that the Big Bang Theory alum is in the running anymore. "The feeling on set is that the show needs a more polished pro, not a celebrity," the source adds. "Until they find one, they're just going to have to live with her eccentricities!"


Things have reportedly been rocky on the set for some time. The outlet previously reported that sources on the show were in disagreement with the direction the competitive game show was going. "This is really not the look Jeopardy! was going for, and Alex [Trebek], if he's looking down, would be shocked," a source said at the time. (Trebek died in Nov. 2020 following a battle with cancer). Bialik has run into some controversies of her own after her comments on Harvey Weinstein and vaccines were brought to light. "They'd love to have Katie, Anderson or even Aaron Rodgers, but there's little chance of getting them now," the insider adds. The hope on the show is that producers will "take charge and guide Jeopardy! in the right direction because the fear is that it may not continue at all if they don't."