'Jeopardy!' Host Accused of Getting Massive Ego

Mayim Bialik was fired from the quiz series back in December 2023, leaving just one host.

With the firing of former Blossom and Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik from the host's podium, Ken Jennings has ascended to be the main host role. The former contestant had quite the long road to get to the job. That said, a few new reports indicate that Jennings might have let the role go to his head now that he's THE host.

"He complains when his suits don't fit, even when he's up and down on the scale," a source told the National Enquirer (via Radar). "He wants more makeup, then says it's too much. He gets mad when people don't laugh at his jokes. He carries a grudge."

The report adds that some members of the crew were "sorry to see" Bialik leave the show, with another adding that "Jennings' britches are bigger than ever, and they were pretty big before."

Before she was dropped from the show, the former Blossom star had been splitting responsibilities with Jennings, even hosting the inaugural Celebrity Jeopardy! season on her own. It didn't help when she took time away due to the WGA Writer's Strike and the later SAG-AFRTA strike, which also played against Jennings because it looks like he crossed the picket line to continue hosting the show.

"He thinks he deserves the job," the source adds, according to Radar. "He keeps carrying on like he's the savior of the show." In fairness to Jennings, he has been the audience choice throughout the entire search following Alex Trebek's passing. Despite that, he was far from the choice and he certainly wasn't the first choice for many at the show.

He wasn't on any of the lists put forth by Trebek before his death either. The former host named Laura Coates as a potential female replacement and NHL sportscaster Alex Faust as a male replacement.

Take reports like this with a grain of salt. Even if it is easier to believe given the Jeopardy track record since Trebek died.