Watch This 'Jeopardy' Contestant Win With Just $1

While Jeopardy! usually has a pretty consistent formula to each show, occasionally something happens that's a bit out of the norm for the long-running trivia show.

On Tuesday, it was Naval officer Manny Abell's rather unique win, with Abell securing the title with just $1 left to his name at the end of the episode.

Abell went into the show's final round with just $1,000 compared to his competitor's totals of $12,300 each, but it was his wager that helped him score the win.

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All three contestants answered the question — "it's the only country that borders the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf" — incorrectly, but Abell wagered $999 on his response, leaving him with $1.

Contestants Fran Fried and Carlos Nobleza Posas both bet their full earnings on the question, and their incorrect answers left Abell as the surprise victor.

"You win the game with a dollar," host Alex Trebek told Abell. "The smallest win in many, many, many years."


Abell, whose three-day total earnings are $42,799, later referenced his win on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Columbia TriStar Television