Jason Momoa's Surprise 'SNL' Cameo Made Twitter Erupt

Jason Momoa made a surprise cameo on Saturday Night Live and the Aquaman star brought down the house. The episode was hosted by Chance the Rapper and in the skit he played a TV judge who decided court cases in 10 seconds or less. Momoa played the defendant who was being sued by an old lady, played by Kate McKinnon.

McKinnon entered the courtroom first, and then Momoa busted in, surprising everyone.

"Now listen, your hombre, I see the way you're looking at me right now," Momoa said. "And I know what you're thinking."

"That you bang old ladies and then steal their money?" Chance responded while trying his best not to laugh.

"That may be so, but I'm not just some gigolo. I'm also a certified paralegal," Momoa said after accidentally saying he was a "parapalegic" instead of a paralegal. "So I understand the law."

McKinnon then accused Momoa of stealing from her, but Momoa said she stole from him first.

"What did she steal?" Chance asked.

"My heart," Momoa said.

"You know what, you gave me the biggest and best 'Oh's of my life, but I still want my money and my chandelier earrings! They've been in my family for generations," McKinnon said.

"Sir, do you have this woman's earrings too?" Chance asked.

Momoa then busted open his fur coat to reveal the earrings on his nipples. Chance bangs his gavel and says, "guilty."

Fans went crazy on social media after the sketch.

"Jason Momoa continues to be the only fashion icon I care about on SNL. Tonight wearing nothing but a snake print button up and earrings on his nipples," one person wrote.

"My heart almost stopped when Jason Momoa walked in," another said.

"Every episode of SNL should have a Jason Momoa cameo. Every single one," a third fan gushed.

"Jason Momoa and Chance the Rapper on SNL. That's it, I've died and gone to heaven!!" an elated fan commented.


Elsewhere on the latest episode, Chance wowed fans with his musical performances in addition to his acting skills. It was his fourth time being on SNL, but his first time as both the host and musical guest. He hosted in 2017 with Eminem handling the music duties.

The cold open featured some cameos of its own. Darrell Hammond showed up as Bill Clinton as Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump at a rally. Then Fred Armisen popped up as Turkey's President Tayyip Erdoğan.