'Jane The Virgin' Fans Speak out After Beloved Character's Quiet Goodbye

Jane The Virgin brought a fan-favorite character for one last appearance before the end of the [...]

Jane The Virgin brought a fan-favorite character for one last appearance before the end of the show, and fans are sounding off on how they wrapped up his storyline. The final season of the CW dramedy began with the shocking reveal Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) was still alive, and Rose (Bridget Regan) had erased his memory and eft him to fend for himself in Montana. After the character reunited with Jane and slowly regained his memory, he eventually returned to his home, leaving Jane to continue to head toward her happy ending with Rafael (Justin Baldoni)

Spoilers ahead for Jane The Virgin "Chapter Ninety-Eight"

The second to last episode of the series saw Jane (Gina Rodriguez) face one last hurdle in the release of her book, involving her getting in contact with her ex-husband a few months after they parted ways in Montana.

As Jane faced the anxiety from the looming threat of Rose having escaped prison, her book editor revealed that Michael had not yet signed away his life story rights for the book, making it impossible for them to present to publishers.

Knowing that seeing him again could upset Rafael, Jane asked him before reaching out to his ranch in Montana, where she found out Michael had left and was back with his mother in Florida for some time. After reaching out to him, she reveals that he requested to meet with her in person so they could discuss the documents and her book.

Jane and Rafael both suspected that Michael was searching for another opportunity to win back her affections. However, Rafael knew how much work Jane had put into the novel and gave him her blessing to meet with Michael.

The meeting came with a few bombshells, providing a sort-of happy ending for the beloved character. At a coffee shop, Jane reunited with her former love and she found that he was accompanied by his Montana neighbor Charlie (Haley Lu Richardson), whom he had since fallen in love with and they are expecting their first child together.

Jane pushes for the couple to agree to sign the contracts, but Charlie is hesitant as she believes the book would bring unnecessary stress to their calm lives in Montana. After some tense moments, Charlie quickly admits she was jealous and believed Michael was still holding a torch for Jane, but seeing them together once again let her know their love story was over and she gave her blessing to release the book.

After Jane and Michael said goodbye, the Narrator revealed that this would be the last time they saw each other.

Fans of the series were quick to react to the end of Michael's story, some wishing the character had not even been brought back from the death at the beginning of the season.

Jane The Virgin will air its Series Finale Wednesday, July 31, starting with a special episode at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.