Jacob Bertrand and Lilimar Talk Voicing Iconic Roles in 'Batwheels' (Exclusive)

A new Batman animated series called Batwheels premiered on Cartoon Network's Cartoonito and HBO Max this week, and it introduces young children to the Batman franchise. Batwheels features the iconic Batman characters as well as the vehicles that also talk and assist the cape crusader. PopCulture.com exclusively spoke to Batwheels stars Jacob Bertrand who voices Bam (Batmobile) and Lilimar who voices Batwing (Bat-plane). Bertrand says Bam is a lot like Batman when it comes to seeking justice. 

"I think Bam is Batman's biggest fan," Bertrand exclusively told PopCulture. "He completely looks up to him. They don't really interact too much, but I envision it almost like a father-son dynamic. And yeah, Bam definitely has that super strong sense of justice. But I mean, at the same time, he's a kid."

Lilimar believes Batwing brings a lot of strong qualities to the team. "I thought it was cool to bring this kind of jet that's so sleek and always so prepared and looks so ominous that she is like this high and mighty princess ready to start fighting crime," she said. "She gives very diva vibes, and I like that they did that for her because I think she's the one that best teaches kids that being confident in yourself and your skills is not a bad thing. And while doing that, you can also be a good teammate and be a good best friend. So I like what they did with her and how they brought her best features to the table to show how she fits in. And I don't know, it's just cool seeing these famous vehicles and jet planes come to life and have a personality."


Batwheels also features Ethan Hawke (Batman), Gina Rodriguez (Catwoman) Xolo Maridueña (Snowy the Snowcrawler) and  AJ Hudson (Robin), and Leah Lewis (Batgirl). The show is for preschool kids and their parents who don't know about Batman and his famous vehicles. "It's going to be the introduction to a lot of people's first time looking at Batman," Bertrand said. "And you get to see Batman and his whole gang, but you also get to look at some of his cool vehicles and how they come to life and they get to fight crime. And yeah, it's just like a little crime fighting, vehicular family running through Gotham."