Steve-O Teases the Return of 'Jackass' Spinoff 'Wildboyz'

Former Jackass star Steve-O has shared a new photo that teases the return of another MTV series, Jackass spin-off Wildboyz.

In a photo shared to his Instagram page, Steve-O wrote, "The Wildboyz decided it wasn’t just time to get back to work and go crazier than ever, but that we should do it in a way that actually helps both animals and people."

(Photo: Steve-O)

"The world won’t end on our watch! And get ready, Puerto Rico, the 'Apocalypse Dudes' are coming your way right now, and we’re bringing Wendy," he added.

The photo itself shows Wildboyz stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius with friends, pets, and what may very well be a film crew, all at an airport together.

While this isn't explicit confirmation that an official Wildboyz reboot is happening, it is at least very strongly implied in Steve-O's comment.

Furthermore, Steve-O alludes to the idea of a new title, Apocalypse Dudes, which is clearly just an evolution of the "wild boys." Though, if they are shooting some type of reunion on their own outside of MTV's sanctioning, they may genuinely be changing the name so that there is no legal infringement.

It's also notable that he says they are doing something that "helps both animals and people," which may indicate some type of environmental message will be injected into the Wildboyz reunion.

Wildboyz first debuted in 2003 as a spin-off of Jackass that saw Steve-O and Pontius doing Jackass-type stunts that involved nature and animal life.

In one famous bit, their wildlife expert Manny allowed himself to bitten by a snapping turtle, and then Pontius fed an alligator snapping turtle directly out of his mouth.

Another bizarre stunt saw the boys go out on safari dressed up in a zebra costume, attempting to attract lions. Which they did.

Wildboyz aired for three years, putting out 32 episodes that spanned four seasons. Ending in 2006, it has been suggested that their decision to quit was related to the death of legendary Zoologist Steve Irwin.


However, in his memoir, Steve-O writes, "...Wildboyz probably could've kept going after Season 4. It just didn't seem like there was a point. Over time it had essentially evolved back into Jackass. During our final trip to Russia there were no stunts that wouldn't have fit in just as easily on Jackass. Knoxville came along on that trip too, which contributed even more to that vibe."

There is no further word at this time on where or when the teased Wildboyz reunion may air.