Iggy Azalea Blasted by Fans for Latest Post Spoiling 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones fans are not thrilled with Iggy Azalea after the singer shared spoilers from [...]

Game of Thrones fans are not thrilled with Iggy Azalea after the singer shared spoilers from season 8, episode 3 of the HBO series on Instagram ahead of the show's scheduled airtime on Sunday.

The "Fancy" singer's intention was to convey her excitement about the next episode, but the post was an epic failure. If you've yet to see the episode, stop reading now because there are spoilers ahead.

Azalea, 28, posted a fan-made meme based on a clip from her newest music video for "Started." In the clip, Azalea can be seen opening the door for a guest, who kisses her on both cheeks before shouting, "Yes, he's dead!!" In her caption, the Australian-born rapper celebrated the Night King's death at the end of the Battle of Winterfell in "The Long Night," revealing who'd done the deed.

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It appears Azalea was prepared for the backlash, as she included a note to everyone she'd just spoiled the episode for in her post. She told haters to "cry me a river," adding that she hadn't spent almost 10 years watching Game of Thrones to not be able to talk about each episode immediately after it aired. She closed out her message with, "suck a d—!," suggesting she wasn't phased by those complaining.

Reactions to the post were mixed. Loyal Game of Thrones fans seemed to agree with her, and defended her accordingly. One Instagram user told people who complained about the spoiler to "Cry somewhere else." Another said, "I don't feel bad for people just starting it and complaining about spoilers." Someone who hadn't yet seen the episode, however, said they'd "never forgive" Azalea for ruining the episode.

"Iggy i luv ya gurl but I will never forgive you for this spoiler," one commenter wrote.

"Sis....," another wrote.

"This is called a spoiler... ya dumb B," a third commenter wrote on Instagram.

"Now i must unfollow u," another commented.

The post hasn't been removed from Azalea's Instagram and, judging by her caption on it, likely will not be. She has not, however, posted any more Game of Thrones content since. Perhaps after the next episode.

Game of Thrones has seen record numbers of viewership this season, according to TV Line. The third episode of the final season, spoiled by Azalea, was watched by more than 17.8 million people — the most viewers of any episode this season. Other episodes have come close to topping that number, but haven't quite gotten there.

If you're not one of the millions of people tuning in when an episode, beware for the internet is vast and full of spoilers.