'How to Get Away With Murder' Reveals Who Really Killed [Spoiler]

One episode before the season finale, How to Get Away With Murder revealed how a fan favorite character met his demise.

A lot has happened since Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) died after being chocked to death and left in a house fire in season 3, but despite knowing that it was Laurel's old friend Dominic who killed the college student, the show now revealed who was responsible for ordering the hit.

The episode saw Wes return to the series via flashback, with fans overjoyed to see the character back on the show.

At the start of the hour, Frank (Charlie Weber) reveals to Laurel (Karla Souza) that her mother met with Wes the day before his murder to offer him money to stay away from her, which he never told anyone.

(Photo: ABC)

Laurel confronts her mother, who claims she never asked Dominic to kill him.

Later, Laurel gets a visit from Michaela, who is struck by guilt after she hooked up with Scandal's Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.). The two of them bond over treating their significant others badly.

"Are we the worst people you've ever met?" Michaela asked.

"No, we just have horrible parents," Laurel says.

"I would've lost it a long time ago if I didn't have Asher," Michaela admits.

Later, Asher figures out Michaela cheated on him which causes a strain on their relationship.

Elsewhere, Laurel heads to the District Attorney Denver and says she'll agree to turn herself in for stealing the files for her dad's company and causing the accidental shooting that caused Simon's head injury, but that if she does he'd pay the prize too because she has Dominic's phone, which proves he had a hand in Wes' death.

"What do you want?" Denver asks.

"Tell me who killed Wes." Laurel says.

Later, Laurel visits her mother, she closes the blinds to her hotel room, and demands that her mother tells her the truth.

The night of Wes' murder, he called Laurel's mom asking for help. She said she called him back to help. She assures her she wasn't the one who ordered the hit on Wes, but she did call Jorge, Laurel's dad.

"I thought Denver was the one who warned dad about Wes but it was you! You and dad killed the most important person in my life and now my son is going to grow up without a father," Laurel says.


The episode ends after Bonnie (Liza Weil) fins out Denver is keeping the files they need to take Jorge down, but before she can get to Annalise (Viola Davis), there's a car accident that claims another life.

The How to Get Away With Murder season finale airs Thursday, March 15 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.