'HTGAWM' Finale: A Murder, a Supreme Court Decision... And Who Is That Kid?

The How to Get Away With Murder started with a new dead body, and ended with a whole bunch of questions.

After the car crash cliffhanger from last week, the ABC drama revealed that evil district attorney John Denver was the person who died, the Keating 4 believe Laurel's dad hacked into Denver's car and murdered him after he threatened to go rogue.

Annalise (Viola Davis) tells her former students that they have to stick together and nobody else has to die. Laurel (Karla Souza) then gets a call from her father, who claims her mother went missing after their meeting and he accuses Laurel of harming her.

"I'm not an animal, I would never hurt my own mother" Laurel says to Annalise.

The team debates whether or not Laurel is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Frank (Charlie Weber) heads to New York to find Laurel's mother. With Denver dead, Bonnie (Liza Weil) finds herself with an opportunity to climb up the ladder at her job at the DA's office.

Later, the FBI interrogates Laurel, as she was the last person to be with Denver before he died. Laurel tells the FBI agent about her father knowing Denver and her custody battle for her son, to motivate the FBI to investigate him.

At Annalise's, Nate arrives saying that after looking through Denver's belongings he found the missing hard drive that could send Laurel's dad to prison.

Desperate for help deciphering the hard drive, Annalise goes to Jorge Castillo's lawyer Tegan (Amirah Vahn).

Frank comes back from New York and tells Laurel her mother disappeared without a trace, Laurel continues to deny she had anything to do with it. Annalise calls Jorge and tells him about the hard drive, the lawyer and the businessman meet in person.

After a difficult conversation, Jorge agrees to leave Laurel alone and she is given custody of her child after months apart. After they leave, the FBI arrests Jorge and he is brought to justice, at least for now thanks to Tegan's testimony to the feds.

Later, the Supreme Court came out with their decision about the case Annalise tried with the help of Scandal's Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), siding with her and giving her a huge win in her career in a national level.

It seemed as though the season would end on a surprising good look, with Annalise giving interviews about her comeback story, Frank registering for law school, Connor (Jack Falahee) applying to go back to school and Asher moving on from his breakup with Michaela.

The season comes to a shocking end as Nate (Billy Brown) finds out Bonnie has a son, and he could be starting law school with Frank.


How to Get Away With Murder has not been renewed for a fifth season yet but is expected to come back this fall on ABC.