‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Star Karla Souza Talks Season 4's Shocking Revelation

How to Get Away With Murder returned for its fourth season Thursday night, and as fans expected, the premiere asked more questions than it answered.

During the show, titled "I'm Going Away," one of the major plotlines revolved around Laurel (Karla Souza) who learned last season that she was pregnant with Wes' baby. At the beginning of the episode, viewers saw Laurel meet with her father, who ordered the hit on Wes, to tell him that she had an abortion. It's also revealed that Laurel suspects that her father killed Wes, although she decides to keep that a secret for now.

Later, it was revealed that Laurel is actually keeping her baby and is due in five months, although a three-month flash-forward at the end of the premiere shows Laurel in a strange-looking medical facility, lying in a bed with a decidedly flat stomach. While Frank tries to reassure her, Laurel screams, "What happened to my baby?!"

Souza spoke with Entertainment Tonight to break down the major revelation and what it might mean for Laurel going forward.

"I was just kind of like, constantly [gasping]… every time he told me anything," Souza said of hearing her character's storyline fromshowrunner Peter Nowalk. "It just got better and better and towards the end when he said, 'And then you're going to wake up and not see your baby!' I just thought, this poor woman is going to go through the ringer but at the same time, acting-wise, what a great challenge."

"She's doing all this stuff to avenge Wes, and at the end, it's going to be gone," she added to TVLine. "It's going to be a huge turn for her. I don't know what's going to happen afterward."

At one point, Laurel is revealed to be staying in Wes' apartment, which Souza explained is to make sure her father doesn't try to taint Wes' name.

"Rather than thinking her father would actually harm her, she wants to stay there and make sure that no one comes in to plant something," she said. "He's very capable of making everyone think that Wes had some awful past or did something awful, and therefore, that's why he died. I'm making sure, by staying in Wes' apartment, that that's not happening."

The actress shared that as in past seasons, the flash-forward episode will be full of intricate moments involving the show's major characters.

"It becomes everyone's baby," she said. "It's going be a big situation for all of them and it's going to affect all of them."

Souza also discussed the episode's other major moment, when Annalise (Viola Davis) fired Bonnie and the Keating Four.

"That decision has really affected her, and she really expected Annalise to be in the life of this baby," she said. "That'll be something that's really neatly worked in throughout the episodes."

"It's almost like [Annalise] let the flock fly and we're going to see what each of our characters [do]," she told ET, "but it starts to wind in as stuff starts happening where we're all going to have to come back together again."


Photo Credit: ABC