How 'The Goldbergs' Will Film Jeff Garlin's Last Episode Without Him on Set

Following news that Jeff Garlin would be immediately departing The Goldbergs after an investigation into complaints about his on-set behavior, the ABC sitcom used body double to film the remaining episodes of Season 9, reports TV Line. While the Curb Your Enthusiasm alum was originally supposed to return to set to shoot his final moments as Murray Goldberg on set, Garlin ultimately declined the mandated COVID-19 test, and the show decided to move forward with a body double. Garlin's face will be added to the body in post-production.

Garlin denied in early December that he had been fired from the long-running series after complaints were made against the actor's use of offensive language and unwanted physical contact while on set of The Goldbergs. On Dec. 16, Deadline reported that Garlin had exited the show "effectively immediately" in what was described as a mutual decision between the actor and production company Sony Pictures Television following an HR investigation into Garlin's on-set behavior. 

The complaints against Garlin went back to 2019 and included in one instance an allegation from a camera assistant who protested Garlin's use of the word "vagina." After the protest, the actor allegedly put his arms around her and kept repeating the word into her face. Another female assistant alleged she was berated by Garlin, as was her husband, who also worked on the show. Following the latter incident, Garlin had reportedly only come to set a few times, during which he allegedly mocked HR guidelines. 

Garlin told Vanity Fair in early December that while his behavior can make people uncomfortable, nothing he says or does is with malice, only in the attempt to make people laugh. "If somebody is offended by what I say I, all I can say is, I'm sorry," he said at the time, promising he wouldn't be doing any more hugging on set, but refusing to agree to watch his words. Garlin also told the outlet he "would never physically put [himself] to someone. And [he] would never hatefully say something to anyone."


As Garlin plays the Goldberg family patriarch, fans have been wondering how the lead's departure would be handled by the writers. While the body double will be used to close out Season 9, it remains unclear how Murray will be written out in the future