How 'American Horror Story' Wrapped up 'Apocalypse'

American Horror Story: Apocalypse managed what many thought was impossible, wrapping up their Murder House-Coven crossover season with a shocking and satisfying ending.

The episode kicked off with Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) making a surprise appearance at the offices of Jeff (Evan Peters) and Mutt (Billy Eichner) as they did final preparations on the outposts before the explosion. Myrtle casts a spell on the two men to get information on who will be in Outpost 3, persuading them to make room at the Outpost for Coco and her family — which explains how Mallory (Billie Lourd) and Coco (Leslie Grossman) end up in the post-apocalyptic shelter.

Myrtle then leaves the offices without killing them to keep the witches' mysterious plan in place.

At the bayou, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) tells Coco, Mallory and Madison (Emma Roberts) the plan to have Coco and Mallory infiltrate the Outpost as new people. Their new personalities serve to make Mallory feel too down so her powers are suppressed until she is ready to cast the spell to turn back time.

The witches say goodbye to one another and Cordelia casts the spell to make Coco and Mallory the people viewers first met at the beginning of the season. The show then shifts to Los Angeles, where the shows finally arrives to the moment when Coco and Mallory first meet Mr. Gallant (Peters) and Brock (Eichner).

Madison finds out about Dinah Stevens' (Adina Porter) pact with Michael (Cody Fern) and is set on making her pay, but Cordelia tells her to leave their revenge against the voodoo queen until after they enact their plan.

The show then circles back to the moment when Mallory's powers awakened during her Outpost interview with Michael. The burst of magic leads Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison to come back from the dead in the bayou. From the surrounding devastation, they realize Mallory is finally ready to use he powers, and the witches finally arrive back at the Outpost and to the moment wake the witches up.

Michael seems convinced that the witches cannot beat them, but Myrtle tells them that his first mistake was not killing all the witches before he destroyed the world.

"The only way we would sit at your table is if your decapitated head were the centerpiece," Cordelia snapped at Michael when tries to convince them to her side. Dinah seems to want to stick with Michael, along with her powers as Voodoo queen, but Cordelia reveals she brought back Marie Laveau from the dead to help in their fight.

After Marie kills Dinah, Cordelia uses her powers to blow up the Ms. Mead robot, and Michael watches as the robot's head shuts off.

"Sorry about your little toy, bitch," Madison says before she shoots him with a machine gun. Then, using a strand of Michael's hair, Mallory attempts to cast the spell with Madison staying behind to stop Michael should he wake up. In a twist, Brock stabs Mallory seemingly to death, which gives Michael enough time to come back and explode Madison's head.

Cordelia attempts to bring Mallory back in time to cast the spell as Marie attempts to slow Michael down but he kills her by removing her heart and taking a bite out of it. He then kills Coco and continues his search for Mallory.

When all hope seems lost, Cordelia insults Michael and have one final showdown before she stabs herself to death so Mallory can rise as the next Supreme. The twist allows her to cast the time spell and Mallory travels back to the Murder House and the moment when Constance (Jessica Lange) confronts Michael about killing everyone they know.

After the two fight, Constance kicks him out of the house and Mallory runs him over with a car multiple times as Constance watches in horror. After he says he's scared to die, however, Constance tells him to go to hell and heads back into the house.

In 2015, Mallory arrives at the witch academy and hugs Cordelia — who is unaware of the devastation she just prevented from happening. The powerful witch reminisces about what had happened as she explains that all the Coven witches are still alive, except for Myrtle, who was never brought back from the dead as there was no longer a threat with Michael dead.

She also stops Queenie from ever getting locked in the Hotel Cortez. She also gets favor from Papa Legba after killing Michael and gets Misty back from the dead — promising to also get Madison out of hell later — Nan decides to stay with Papa as she is happy as his servant.

The show leaves fans with a major cliffhanger, however, as the show goes to 2020, where episode 1 and 2 couple Emily and Timothy meet for the first time. A year later, the couple welcomes their first child. Three years after that, the couple talks about how difficult and "angry" their son is and when they walk back home they see crows signaling the birth of the Antichrist.


When they arrive in his room, they find that their son killed his nanny, much like Michael Langdon once killed his. There's a knock on the door, and the Satanic cult is outside claiming to want to help. Just like that, a new threat rises.

American Horror Story has already been renewed for a ninth and tenth season on FX.