Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager Weigh Themselves on the 'Today' Show

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb made the brave move of weighing themselves on national television on Monday. During Today With Hoda & Jenna, the hosts revealed that they're going to begin intermittent fasting to try and "be healthy" and "improve our brain health." Before starting their fasting journey, the two hopped on the scales to see what their starting weights are.

Bush Hager, who just gave birth in August and returned to the show last week from maternity leave, weighed in at 171 pounds, while Kotb was 156. "I weigh 20 pounds more than you!" Bush Hager said to Kotb. "You can't even lift me!"

"Yes I can," Kotb replied, and then suggested that they switch scales and try again.

"I think it's true. I probably weighed more than my boyfriend in high school did," Bush Hager said.

"This is why I don't really weigh myself," Bush Hager said after switching scales yielding the same results. "I feel a whole 171. I think I weigh twice as much as my sister. Like, two Barbaras could fit in me. It's OK. Do y'all know what's plugged into my Fitbit for real? One hundred and thirty pounds," Bush Hager continued. "I weigh 40 more pounds than I tell everybody I do!"

Fans loved how transparent the women were about their weight. "Thank you for your honesty!! Such inspirations!!" one person commented.

"Good luck! I find that 8pm to noon the next day works pretty good, if you have dinner between 6-8. I never have dinner with my family until after 6. I get hungry by noon, but still have my morning coffee! I will start it again with u guys!! U ladies rock!" another said, offering some fasting advice.


"You ladies are so amazing to get on that scale live. You are beautiful women who are healthy and strong. You live your life and are genuine. You have partners and children and have shared so much more than just your weight. Eat right sleep right and workout regularly! Be true to yourself!" another wrote.