Exclusive: Jason George Previews Upcoming 'Grey's Anatomy' Spinoff 'Station 19'

Grey's Anatomy's new firefighter spinoff Station 19 is set to make its fiery debut later this [...]

Grey's Anatomy's new firefighter spinoff Station 19 is set to make its fiery debut later this month, and one of its stars is just as excited for the premiere as you.

Jason George, who famously played anesthesiologist-turned-surgical resident Ben Warren on the ABC medical drama, recently gave up his scalpel in exchange for firefighting gear, joining the crew at Seattle's Station 19 as a rookie.

"You get to see the new, 'action figure' Ben Warren." George told PopCulture.com in an exclusive interview. "Ben gets his adrenaline junkie on."

Moving from a series where the majority of the action happens within the rules and regulations of a hospital, George says the stakes for the firefighters are much higher.

"Ben's now in a situation where a bad day means he may [not only] lose the patient, he may lose one of his colleagues and partners or he may lose his own life, so he's got a heavy learning curve."

As far as how the new show compares to Grey's, George says they are "completely different animals" when it comes to filming.

"The element of action is the piece that, in terms of how we shoot it, that is different," George says. "Our characters are in danger. I've got ten-foot walls of flames standing in front of me. They spend a quarter of a million dollars building an entire rooftop, just for us to burn it and attack it... You forget that it's safe [in real life] for a second."

Fans of Grey's will definitely enjoy the action-packed spinoff series, as the sense of humor and emotion the medical drama is known for will translate into the new show.

"All the things that make you laugh about Grey's, all the things that make you clutch the pearls and gasp and cry are all going to be there," he added.

Station 19, which focuses on the lives of firefighters/EMTs in the city of Seattle, will debut its 10-episode first season with a two-hour premiere on March 22.

"Hold on to your butts," George said. "[The show] feels like getting shot out of a cannon. You very suddenly begin to realize how not settled and safe this world is... the heat gets turned up in every way possible, pun intended."