'Grey's Anatomy' Star Jake Borelli Jokes About Show Not Being on Tonight: 'What Is This!?!'

Add Jake Borelli to the list of Grey's Anatomy fans upset about having to wait a whole week for a new episode.

The actor behind fan-favorite surgical intern Levi Schmitt took to Instagram to jokingly express his outrage at the show being off the schedule Thursday as ABC took over the entire Thursday primetime schedule to air coverage of the 2019 NFL draft.

"He done F#%&d up... [gasp emoji] And now you're telling me we have to wait ANOTHER whole week to see if Schmico's gonna make it??? [monkey covering eyes emoji] What is this!?!" Borelli wrote on the caption of an on-set photo, featuring himself and co-star Alex Landi in the show's OR set.

(Photo: Instagram/Jake Borelli)

Fans of the ABC medical drama took to the comments section of the snapshot to share their feelings about the show being off for the week, while also lamenting the big fight the couple had during the latest episode.

"If they break up I'm dying with their relationship," one user commented.

"I'm sad about the situation but damn the caption is funny," another fan wrote.

"Theres (sic) no schmico these week? i want a refund," one user joked, referring to the doctors' couple name.

Last week's Grey's Anatomy episode was a big one for Levi and boyfriend Nico Kim (Alex Landis), as the two doctors had their first big fight after spending most of the season growing their new relationship.

With most of their storyline during the episode focused on Levi attempting t convince Nico to stay in Seattle — on the heels of the surgical fellow interviewing for his dream job in San Francisco — things took a tragic turn after Nico made a mistake in surgery that resulted in the unfortunate passing of a young but longtime patient of Dr. Bailey's (Chandra Wilson).

Dealing with a grave medical error for the first in his career, Nico was not in the right frame of mind as he prepped for the video interview and lashed out at Levi for trying to help him.

In the heated moment that happened around the end of the episode, Levi counsels Nico to push his interview to another time as he is visibly upset with losing his patient, but Nico tells him he is doing fine, and tells him he doesn't get affected by failure like Levi, who he says is used to constantly failing.


It appears Levi will try to make amends with his significant other in the next episode, while also helping to treat one of Station 19's main characters, as the doctor appeared on the firefighter drama at a flower shop buying a gift for Nico before he had to help Chief Ripley (Brett Tucker) following his tragic collapse.

Will Schmico survive their first big fight? Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes Thursday, May 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.