'Grey's Anatomy' Spinoff Rumor Forces ABC to Clarify News

ABC Signature President Jonnie Davis is clarifying a few things from his previous interview with [...]

ABC Signature President Jonnie Davis is clarifying a few things from his previous interview with Deadline after sparking a fan frenzy with rumors of another Grey's Anatomy spinoff series. He originally told the outlet in a story that published on Monday (May 24), "Krista and the team are really digging deep and finding out what that looks like. They are noodling ideas, and I can't wait to, when we land on what that is to introduce the next phase of Grey's Anatomy."

"I would like to clarify some statements I made in a prior interview," he told the outlet in a change of tune on the following Tuesday, "There are no conversations about a spinoff of Grey's Anatomy at this time. We are 100 percent focused on producing season 18, with the incredible Krista Vernoff at the helm, and the amazing Ellen Pompeo leading our ensemble and co-executive producing. As the leader of ABC Signature, I meant only to convey my support and optimism for Shonda's brilliant creation."

With its original statement, the previous story led fans to believe the network was currently working on another iteration of the long-running medical drama. As of now, there have been two spinoffs: Private Practice (which ran for six seasons) and the currently airing Station 19. "We are always open to any iteration that will serve the show and the fans," Craig Erwich, President, ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals said in the first story.

"We will find the next version that will take it to the next 18 years. We're working on for right now, and there's no better brains to figure it out than Krista and Shonda." Davis continued in the original story. "it's important that not just for commerce, it has to be the right idea that meets the moment." Grey's Anatomy was recently renewed for an 18th season after a tumultuous Season 17, which saw the titular character MIA for most of the chapter as she battled COVID-19 that forced her into a coma. "You know what's crazy, my 16-year-old is now devouring Grey's Anatomy, just found it, she's starting Season One. The show has just had so much appeal and people who love it already, people who are just finding it," Davis said, adding, "Look, we want that show to go on for another 18 years."