'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Ends With Life-Changing Cliffhangers, and Fans Are Losing It

Grey's Anatomy fans were not ready for the heartbreaking cliffhanger the show dropped just ahead of its summer break

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25 ("Jump Into the Fog")

The shocking finale saw the Grey Sloan Memorial in crisis as Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) were trapped in the hyperbaric chamber attempting to keep a young patient alive.

Outside of the chamber, Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) had gotten arrested after taking the fall for Meredith's insurance fraud crime — which she committed in order to give a surgery to an undocumented little girl. Outside the hospital a massive pileup — which Owen (Kevin McKidd), Levi (Jake Borelli) and the young patient's blood donor were caught in the middle of — brought many injured patients to the E.R.

The episode also dealt with Teddy (Kim Raver) going into labor in the middle and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) having to drive her to the hospital.

Despite the heavy fog, Amelia, Owen and Teddy managed to make it to the hospital in time to for the healthy baby girl to be born, just as Owen finally confessed his love for Teddy.

After Richard finds out about DeLuca's actions, he goes to Meredith, who orders him to go and make it clear she was the only one involved in the crime.

He refuses though, as he also knew about the situation but refused to stop it, knowing Meredith made the right choice when she committed the crime. After Alex manages to save her young patient, Richard comes to him and they discuss what happened.

They later interrupt as Meredith is confessing her involvement in the crime to Catherine (Debbie Allen) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and also take ownership of what they did in the crime. Though she is heartbroken to do it, Bailey fires all three of her friends.

The show packed a few more cliffhangers as Jo (Camilla Luddington) admitted to Alex that she is not okay and agreed to admit herself into the hospital's the psychiatric wing to receive treatment for her depression.


The episode ended with Meredith visiting DeLuca and finally telling him she loves him back, as she promises to turn herself in for the crime to set him free. The sad last-second twist comes when Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) manage to leave the campground after bickering for hours, between they are forced to pull over because of the fog, Jackson gets out and walks away to see what's going on and he fails to come back when the episode ends.

How will we make it through the summer? Grey's Anatomy will return with new episodes in fall 2019. The series has already been renewed for Season 16 and 17 on ABC.