'Grey's Anatomy' Reveals Who Ran Over Jo Wilson's Abusive Ex Husband

Last Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy ended with Paul Stadler hurt in the emergency room after a mysterious hit-and-run, and now we know who did it.

Well, actually we know who didn't do it.

Early on during Thursday's brand new episode of the hit medical drama, Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) revealed they were home together when Paul (Matthew Morrison) was hit by a car outside his hotel. They were notified of the incident because the paramedics found Jo's card in his pocket after the incident.

Later in the episode, Paul's fiance Jenny (Bethany Joy Lenz) told Jo she didn't do it because she was in the hotel room after Paul had attacked her and he went for a walk.

Jenny then opened up to Jo about all the times Paul had been abusive to her and asked for Jo's forgiveness for being so cold to her earlier when she tried to help Jenny leave Paul.

Still hurt from his injuries, Paul is insistent on being allowed to leave the hospital. However, Jo and Jenny confront Paul, and Jenny threatens him and says he will report him to the police for all of his abusive behavior, with Jo promising to testify on her behalf.

An angry Paul attempts to lunge at the women when he slips and falls on his head. His pulse is fading and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) calls for a crash cart.

Later in the episode, viewers find out the fall caused his brain to herniate because of a second concussion, meaning that in a few hours, Paul could be declared brain dead. But the decision about whether or not to unplug him doesn't go to Jenny, but to Jo who is still legally married to Paul.

Meredith reveals police found out Paul was hit by a drunk driver, meaning neither Jo or Jenny would be blamed for the crash. Jo then is left to decide Paul's fate.

We see Jenny and Jo next in the OR gallery, as they see the organs of brain dead Paul being harvested for organ donations across the country. His kidneys go to a little girl.

"Paul was awful in this life, now in death he gets to do all this good. So there is light and darkness, and they both coexist," Jo tells Jenny.


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Photo: ABC/Richard Cartwright