'Grey's Anatomy' Hints at End of Jackson and Maggie's Relationship

Grey's Anatomy saw Maggie once again reevaluate her relationship with Jackson Avery after a shocking reveal he met a woman while on his leave of absence.

During Thursday's new episode, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) finds out after she mistakenly picks up Jackson's phone and finds multiple texts from a woman and in the confrontation she injures her foot with broken glass.

"It kept dinging over and over and I thought it was mine," Maggie tells Jackson (Jesse Williams. "The point is that some woman is missing you with multiple heart emojis and you won't tell me the truth."

"You want the truth? O.K.," Jackson says. "I met someone when I was at the monastery... her name is Kate and, you were right, about the PTSD and there's something about nature... I didn't even kiss her, we talked. We just talked all night about how she lost her brother and how she's looking for peace."

Jackson lets Maggie look at all the text conversations and she fears that she can't trust him. He says that it feels nice to talk to people about what he's going through, revealing that he has been talking to April (Sarah Drew).

Later, Maggie confesses that she always thought that their relationship would end.

"You're talking to other women... and you're telling them things the you don't tell me," she says.

"... because you won't talk to me," Jackson says. "I never know a damn thing you're feeling."

Since Maggie can't open up to him, Jackson says, he was forced to seek someone to talk to outside his relationship.

Maggie admitted that she was relieved when Jackson left, because she thought he'd come back with answers to the questions he was asking himself about faith. She then admitted that because she was a child genius, she never learned how to love and have feelings, whereas Jackson has lived more than her.

Jackson admitted that he is grieving the loss of his love with April, and admits that he loves Maggie very much and didn't know how to talk about their complex situation.

"I can't... Jackson, I can't," Maggie says, leaving Jackson alone. At the end of the episode Maggie tells Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that the relationship might be over.

Maggie and Jackson faced a serious obstacle in their relationship earlier this season after Jackson chose to take an indefinite break from the hospital following his near-death experience, but only telling Maggie in a voicemail.

To make matters worse, the couple had just said "I love you" to each other in the episode before his sudden absence, and then Maggie complained while he was gone that she only got weird photos of trees from him and no indication of when or if he was coming back.


Jackson returned after two episodes chasing an exciting new case, and chose to cut down his leave of absence after he realized that being with Maggie was what truly made him happy, but she was not as convinced by it, realizing she had lost sight of her own goals and aspirations because of the problems of others.

Will Jackson and Maggie make things work? The Grey's Anatomy fall finale airs Thursday, Nov. 15 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.