'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo Reacts to Justin Chambers' Exit in Lengthy Message to Fans

Ellen Pompeo is speaking out after Grey's Anatomy aired its farewell episode to Justin Chambers and his onscreen counterpart, Dr. Alex Karev, Thursday night. In a lengthy post shared to her Instagram account Friday morning, Pompeo, who portrays Dr. Meredith Grey, shared a video of throwback clips from the ABC medical drama and thanked the fans and those who work behind the camera while also adding her input on the way in which Alex was written off.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 16, Episode 16, "Leave a Light On."

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"Hi here I go again ... Thank YOU!" Pompeo began the post. "You are truly the best most passionate most loyal fans anyone could ever ask for. Because of you we got to make great tv... because of you we got to make television history!"

"I say often life is hard and thank God it is because like I tell my kids... it shows us what we are made ...of how strong we really are and let’s face it," she continued. "Without the lows there would be no dancing it out or celebrating this incredible experience we call life."

The actress, one of only a handful of Season 1 characters remaining, went on to thank executive producer Debbie Allen and the writers "for giving Alex Karev the best send off" and Shonda Rhimes "for creating the most amazing character."

Although Alex's sendoff has been controversial among fans, who felt that him saying goodbye via a series of letters was out of character and undermined his character development, Pompeo said that to her, "for Karev to go back to the beginning.... was the best possible storyline."

"It pays homage to those incredible first years and the incredible cast ...that created a foundation so strong that the show is still standing," she explained.


"So let's not be sad. As our fearless leader DA always says let's PULL UP and celebrate the actors the writers and the fantastic crew who make this show come to life every week," Pompeo wrote. "No matter what the challenge or how tired we all are in the end... you keep us going.....That is worth dancing it out over! So much love and gratitude to you all. Xo E."

New episodes of Grey's Anatomy air Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.