'Grey's Anatomy' Gets Cringeworthy as New Doctor Flirts Uncomfortably With Amelia

Grey's Anatomy's fifteenth season is in full swing, and having been dubbed the 'Season of Love,' [...]

Grey's Anatomy's fifteenth season is in full swing, and having been dubbed the "Season of Love," the show is certainly making good on its promise.

However, judging by a preview of this week's episode shared by E! News, that love is not always reciprocated, as seen in the case of new doctor Link (Chris Carmack) flirting uncomfortably with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

As Amelia is going about her business at the whiteboard, Link arrives to awkwardly stand around before Amelia asks, "Can I help you?"

Link explains that he would "love" to pick Amelia's brain about nerve graft transfers sometimes, though "sometime" was quickly revealed to mean on a dinner date away from the hospital.

Amelia is immediately skeptical, telling Link, "I don't even know you."

"We can fix that," Link says. "I heard you like Italian. I know a great new spot."

"I'm sorry, you heard?" she replies. "Heard where?"

"Maybe I shouldn't answer that," Link responds, with an angry Amelia retorting, "Maybe you should."

Judging by Link's knowledge of Amelia's food preferences, it seems this encounter was likely a setup, though by who it's not yet clear.

Amelia just reconciled with ex-husband Owen (Kevin McKidd), something that did not sit will with Teddy (Kim Raver), who is currently pregnant with Owen's child, so it's possible she's behind the date suggestion, as a love triangle between the three characters had previously been teased.

"I think everyone saw the finale and knows that Teddy's pregnant," Raver recently told E! News. "That leads to a really kind of amazing, complicated, funny storyline."

While things will indeed get complicated, McKidd noted that this won't be your typical love triangle.

"Shonda always surprises us," he said. "Shonda always makes you think it's going to be a love triangle, and then turns it into something else. So at the moment, I assume it probably will be, because Owen has...very different history with both of these women. He doesn't know this news that's coming, and it's really fun to see how much pressure that creates for Owen's life."

Also dragged into that triangle is Maggie (Kelly McCreary), who knows that Teddy is pregnant and isn't thrilled about keeping the news to herself.

"You know how Maggie feels about secrets, and now she's going to be in the middle of all that, so it's going to be hard," McCreary said.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC