'Grey's Anatomy' Recasts Character Thought to Be Dead

During the Season 13 finale of Grey's Anatomy, Owen (Kevin McKidd), learned that his sister, Megan Hunt, who was presumed dead after having gone missing in the army, is actually alive. Now, the show has officially recast the role, bringing in Timeless' Abigail Spencer to portray the character.

Variety reports that Spencer will have a guest arc on the ABC drama, which returns Sept. 28.

Megan was originally portrayed by Bridget Regan, who was unable to resume the role due to scheduling conflicts with her work on TNT's The Last Ship. Spencer is also preparing to film Season 2 of Timeless, so it's unclear just how big Megan's role in the show will be.

The character's arrival in Seattle will likely send major shockwaves rippling through the lives of several Grey's mainstays, including Owen, Nathan (Martin Henderson) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). Megan's mental state is currently in question, but she was previously romantically involved with Nathan, who is now involved with Meredith. After Megan learned Nathan had cheated on her, she took off in a helicopter and was presumed dead after the chopper went missing.


Photo Credit: ABC / getty / Presley Ann / John Shearer