'Good Morning America': Lara Spencer's Foot Injury, Explained

Good Morning America co-anchor Lara Spencer has been rocking all-new accessories on the set of the popular ABC morning show: a surgical boot and scooter. The GMA host is currently in the midst of a weeks-long recovery after recently undergoing foot surgery, but that hasn't stopped her from greeting fans every morning on GMA.
Spencer, who previously underwent a hip replacement, first opened up about the ordeal back on Jan. 3, when she shared a photo to Instagram of her foot secured in a surgical boot and propped on a pillow as she rested on the couch at her Greenwich, Connecticut home. Spencer revealed in the post that she suffered "a torn plantar plate and ligament," which had "been slowly getting worse." She credited "the magnificent Dr O'Malley at HSS" for helping her get on the path of healing. She also shared that she initially put off the procedure because she "didn't want to miss my daughter's last soccer season or the holidays, so here we are," quipping, "Rollin' into 2023 like....... well, I'm not exactly sure but it should be interesting at work!!!!!"

In the weeks since first opening up about the procedure, Spencer has continued to keep fans in the loop when it comes to her recovery. She has shared multiple photos and videos. Just a week after undergoing surgery, Spencer shared a photo of herself at a physical therapy session that showed her laying down and balancing her legs on a medicine ball. That same day, she posted a video from the session, revealing that she "can't put weight on my left leg for 5 more weeks if I am lucky and even then will still be wearing this book for another 5." However, Spencer said she "can stay in shape in the meantime."
Spencer has also shared several behind-the-scenes look at her time on the GMA set since the surgery, and it seems her bedazzled scooter, which she hilariously named Dolly, is a big hit with her colleagues. After debuting Dolly on Jan. 12, Spencer shared a photo on Jan. 17 of Sam Champion taking a ride on the scooter, which she decked out with blue tassels, a pink bell, and rhinestones, quipping in the caption, "scooter has become quite an attraction here on set....."
As Spencer continues to recover, she has been showered in well-wishes. After sharing that she underwent surgery, ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis sent Spencer good thoughts, writing, "Here's to a quick recovery... maybe I can push you around the studio... just once?" One fan commented, "Sending good healing vibes to you" before jokingly cautioning, "Try not to get a speeding ticket on that shiny new scooter you have there! Lol! Take care!"