'Teen Mom' Alum Cory Wharton Gives Health Update on Daughter Following Open-Heart Surgery

Teen Mom and The Challenge star Cory Wharton is breathing a sigh of relief after his 7-month-old daughter's recent surgery. The baby, Maya Grace, was born with tricuspid atresia, a form of congenital heart disease. She underwent open heart surgery and has been released from the hospital. The MTV staple took to Instagram with the update. "I'm so thankful these past two weeks have been very up-and-down and have felt like a nightmare at times. But I always try to stay positive and being at the children's hospital for two weeks [and] seeing some families who have been up there for months or years, and some maybe won't leave the hospital. I'm very thankful that we got released today," he wrote in a post.

The update comes two weeks after Wharton gave fans a glimpse into their hospital stay. At the time, Maya's condition was not the best as she recovered from the major surgery. "Maya's doing okay. She's not doing great," he wrote at the beginning of January. "They're keeping her sedated right now because her left lung has some fluid in it, and she's having a hard time breathing on her own. So I just need that little girl to push out all that fluid in her lungs so then hopefully her vitals start to look normal."

He added: "She's on a ventilator right now, she's not breathing on her own, and it's just — it's part of the process. We're in good hands but yeah man, just keep us in your prayers. She's a fighter, she's going to make it through." In later photos, he showed Maya Grace hooked up to medical machines. He told her: "We love you, we've got everybody praying for you, little girl. We'll get through this. We just had a meeting with the doctors and nursing team, and we'll get through this. She's going to make it through. I know she will."

Aside from Maya Grace, Wharton shares a daughter, Mila, with his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge. He is also the father of another daughter, Ryder, with Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd.