'Good Morning America' Fans Reach out as Anchor Struggles Adjusting After Return From Japan

Good Morning America viewers are sending their support to one of the morning show's anchors as [...]

Good Morning America viewers are sending their support to one of the morning show's anchors as they struggle to adjust to their return to the United States. Following a several-week stay in Japan to cover the 2021 Tokyo Olympics for GMA, anchor Amy Robach returned to the stateside news desk this week, bringing with her more than just memories, but also a bout of jetlag.

Robach, who has been a GMA news anchor since 2014 after initially serving as a correspondent on the morning news program, opened up about her difficulty to readjust in a Monday Instagram post. Sharing a photo of herself and co-anchor TJ Holmes, Robach quipped that she was "studying my cards a little extra today because I got that jet lag brain going on." Despite the struggle, however, Robach said she was "to happy to be back with [TJ Holmes] and [Dr. Jennifer Ashton]," ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent.

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After seeing the candid post, fans were quick to send words of support to Robach. In the comments section, one person wrote, "OMG, it's wonderful to see you all together the dream team is [fire emoji] Amy, missed seeing you with the dream team you are pure sunshine." Somebody expressed their shock at seeing Robach back on the air, asking "how are you even standing never mind looking that good?!?!" A third GMA viewer said Robach deserved "a few days off after that trip," with another person commenting, "so happy to have you back! Hope you got some good rest this evening and a good night's sleep in your own bed tonight."

Robach had been among the journalists across the globes to make the trip to Tokyo for the Olympic Games, which were postponed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The games went on this year with some added precautions, with Robach and others having to undergo a mandatory multi-day quarantine. After her time in isolation was up, though, Robach certainly made the most of her Tokyo stay. Along with attending the Olympics, she also took some time to explore the culture and scenery of Japan. On one of her final days in the country, she even summited Mt. Fuji, giving her a view that she said was "beyond magical" and well "worth the 2 days of hard work!!!"

Robach's Tokyo adventure and subsequent return to the U.S. comes amid a major shakeup at GMA. On Sunday, Good Morning America anchor Dan Harris announced he will be leaving the show two decades after he first joined the team at ABC News. Harris, who said he will exit in two months' time, explained he plans to shift his focus to Ten Percent Happier, the mindfulness and meditation company he founded after writing a book in 2014 about meditation and reducing stress.