Golden Globes 2020: Did Beyonce Shade 'Joker' Star Joaquin Phoenix by Remaining Seated During Standing Ovation?

Joaquin Phoenix may have received more than just a shiny new trophy when he won the award for Best Actor in Motion Picture, Drama during Sunday night's 2020 Golden Globes. As the Joker actor took to the stage to accept the prize, viewers tuning in from home couldn't help but notice that Beyoncé remained in her seat as others rose for a standing ovation, leading many to speculate that she was throwing some shade at the highly controversial film.

"Beyoncé sitting during the standing ovation for Joaquin Phoenix's win is the type of energy I want to see from everyone in 2020," one viewer reacted to the incident.

"[Beyoncé] You're a joke for not standing up for Joaquin Phoenix," another person slammed the singer's decision to remain seated. "Understandable to make a statement. But that's just poor sportsmanship for someone that actually deserved recognition. You're entitled and arrogant. And as an actress you're a joke. Smh. You ought to apologize to him."

"I heard [Beyoncé] didn't win for original song at the [Golden Globes]," wrote another, referencing the singer's Best Original Song nomination for "Spirit" in The Lion King. "But she def. Made a statement by not standing when Joaquin Pheonix won for best actor. I think we should all be like beyonce this 2020."

While Beyoncé hasn't addressed the current controversy, some have suggested that her decision to remain seated may not have had anything to do with her opinion on Joker, but rather the very gown that she had worn, which may have been difficult to move in or may have blocked the view of other audience members due to the large sleeves.

"Hoes mad because Beyonce didnt stand for Joaquin Phoenix but they fail to realize it was literally out of respect," tweeted one defender. "Her big ass dress would've blocked the view and distracted from his moment. Yall are disgusting."

"Let's not create any mess here," added another. "she most likely didnt stand because she would be in way when he walked by. She smiled and clapped."


Beyonce had attended the Sunday night awards ceremony with her husband Jay-Z, the duo skipping the red carpet and showing up to the ceremony a little late.

Meanwhile, Phoenix showed up prior to the start and was spotted reuniting with his Walk the Line co-star Reese Witherspoon on the red carpet.