'God Friended Me' Star Violett Beane Teases Paris-Set Season 2 Episodes: 'I Felt Like Beyonce' (Exclusive)

God Friended Me Season 2 is taking its characters on a European adventure! The hit CBS dramedy is taking Cara Bloom (Violett Beane) on an exciting new journey in Paris, following the Season 1 finale, revealing the journalist would be leaving New York to work on a book based on Simon's (Adam Goldberg) technology. The big relocation took production of the show to the famous city of love for a surprising new arc that will change Cara forever.

Beane teased Cara's upcoming storyline to exclusively PopCulture.com, also opening up about the experience of filming in the City of Love.

"What everyone's going to be able to see is this three episode arc of Cara being in Paris and figuring out her life and what's going on with her, while Miles [Brandon Micheal Hall] is back in New York dealing with the God Account," Beane teased of the Season 2 premiere to PopCulture.com.

"[Cara] is going to run into somebody from her past in Paris. And they kind of help her realize sort of what's going on with her and why," she continued. "She's writing the story for Simon, but she's realizing that maybe that's not. A, that's not totally why she's in Paris, and B, that's not exactly what she's meant to do there.

"So there's definitely going to be some development, both with Cara and the God Account and also just Cara in like her own emotions and in her own life," she added.

As part of the upcoming storyline — set to play out over the first episodes of Season 2 — Beane revealed the series filmed various scenes in some of Paris' most famous landmarks.

"It was so fun... We did like two days of filming," the actress said in a phone interview Monday, Sept. 16. "I've been to Paris before, but it was great to work there and kind of see different places. We shot at the Louvre before it opened so there was no one there. And you know, I'm sure you can't go and there's not a single person walking around. But when we were there, we had the whole space so that was really cool."

"I felt like Beyoncé," she responded, recalling the pop star closing down the Louvre to film her music video for hit song, "APESH-T" with husband Jay-Z.

As for the big mystery surrounding who controls the elusive God Account? Beane teased the mystery will take the group in interesting new directions.


"I think in Season 2 there's still that overarching wonder, and always hunting for that answer, and I think Rakesh (Suraj Sharma) specifically, he's trying to find who's coding this, who's hacking all of these things. But I think the main focus for season two is going to be more about where the God Account sees us going and why it has chosen all of us, as opposed to who it is, which I think is kind of fun, and it leads us down some different rabbit holes."

Are you ready for the start of Season 2? God Friended Me returns Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.