'GLOW' Ending at Netflix After Season 4

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are officially preparing to say goodbye, with Netflix renewing [...]

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are officially preparing to say goodbye, with Netflix renewing GLOW for a fourth and final season.

Netflix announced the news on Friday, alongside a video of clips from the show that ended with the screen reading, "Feel the glow one last time."

GLOW premiered in 2017 and stars Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress, Betty Gilpin as former soap star Debbie Egan and Marc Maron as a B-movie director tasked with leading the pair and a number of other women to wrestling stardom. GLOW is set in Los Angeles in the '80s and follows a fictional group of women participating in the show, which actually ran for a short time during the decade. The Netflix series is a favorite with fans and critics and has been nominated for numerous Emmy Awards, taking home three wins.

Season 4 is expected sometime in 2020, and The Hollywood Reporter shares that the season will run for 10 episodes. Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch will return as showrunners, writers, and executive producers.

Series star Kimmy Gatewood, who plays Stacey "Ethel Rosenblatt"/"Ozone" Beswick, told PopCulture.com that waiting for a renewal announcement was "the scariest."

"I'm going to remain positive, though, because I think that there's more stories to be told, and I think we just started to gain even more momentum and I can't wait to see the stories played through... The stories that these group of women are going to continue to tell," she said. "There are so many characters that still have much more to give and I have more wrestling moves to show off."

Season 3, which moved the women to the Las Vegas strip, ended on a major cliffhanger after a major moment between Ruth and Debbie.

"We have a full story to tell and whether or not we're idiots for not giving ourselves an ending this season remains to be seen," Flahive told THR. "We've played it this way every season, where we've sort of left it all on the field. This show has a big heart and a big cast and big story to tell, and other people are not going to set that limit for us. We can't do that, because it wouldn't be fair to what we're trying to do. We'd love to have the opportunity to give the show a satisfying ending."

Photo Credit: Netflix