Ginger Zee Misses 'Good Morning America' After Falling Ill

The meteorologist blamed a virus that had "taken" her and her family out.

Good Morning America's Ginger Zee has revealed that she has been out with a major illness. She explained to her followers that she and her family have been experiencing health issues that "took them out."

Zee, 43, posted a photograph to Instagram on Tuesday night featuring her and her son's hands as they lay in bed next to one another. While covered in blankets, the meteorologist wore a black hoodie.

"Stomach flu has taken us out… hope to be back soon," she captioned the post. "Stay healthy everyone!" Several of Zee's GMA co-stars wished her well in their comments on her post. "Oh no! Feel better," Rebecca Jarvis said. "Feel better soon," Robin Roberts added.

After providing her with a few tips, Dr. Jen Ashton encouraged her to feel better. "NOROVIRUS one of the most highly contagious viruses there is. Less than 50 particles is all it takes to infect someone- wash all bedding and surfaces well and can remain contagious for 24-48 hrs after the torture ends. Feel better honey!"

Prior to announcing her sickness, Zee shared a video of herself the day before where she looked healthy. That day, she talked about California's tornado and hail threat, with her hair curled and makeup applied. Despite this, Zee appeared to be wearing the same hoodie as she did in her most recent post.

Zee has been out for the entire week. She was replaced by Sam Champion, who recently talked about the difficulties of waking up early to cover the weather for GMA.

After going live to chat with his friends and followers, Champion shared a clip to his personal Instagram. Clearly unaccustomed to rising so early, he made a few remarks in the video that seemed like complaints to his viewers. "Good morning, you guys," Champion said to those listening, then cleared his throat.

"Wow, that was froggy, those were literally my first words of the morning," the 62-year-old added. "There's Lincoln Center, so early they only have the step lights on," he joked, as it was still dark out when he was on his way to work.

"I'm in the car on the way to GMA today. Ginger is out today, so I believe I'm doing weather," he said. After greeting a few viewers, Champion laughed. "I only had two cups of coffee," he confessed.