'Ghosts' Season 2 Will Introduce New Characters, According to Showrunner Joe Wiseman

With filming of Season 2 currently underway in Montreal and picking up from an obvious finale that found the Woodstone B&B opening its doors to customers, CBS's Ghosts will no doubt be introducing new characters when it returns this fall. In an interview with TV Line, co-showrunner Joe Wiseman revealed with the newly opened B&B estate being so expansive, there will be new characters coming in and out of Woodstone this September.

"It's a big property, it's a big house… and we have thought of creative, fun ways to bring ghosts into the property," Wiseman told TV Line, divulging how the addition at some point "starts to strain credulity" in consistently introducing new spirits. Wiseman adds, moreover in how "there are ghosts wherever Sam goes," audiences will be meeting "some of the ghosts on neighboring properties" as seen when Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) visited the home of the Farnsbys in the Season 1 finale. "That might have surprising connections to our ghosts, and we can get stories that way," Wiseman said.

Similar news was echoed this past April when Wiseman and his co-showrunner Joe Port told PopCulture.com that following the events of Season 1, the B&B will be up and running and a "great opportunity to have stories walking in the door, but it is going to be the story of a struggling business, trying to get up on its feet," according to Port. He later adds it will also chronicle the "stresses of running that business as a couple" with the "ghosts helping and hurting as is they're bent, but I don't think it's going to be smooth sailing from the get-go."

Last week, CBS announced returning dates for 18 of its returning series, including the highly anticipated sophomore season of Ghosts, created by Port and Wiseman. In a press release shared by DeadlineGhosts Season 2 will return this September with a brand-new time slot. After it was revealed the show would be moving into the 8:30 p.m. ET time slot, replacing the newly canceled The United States of AlGhosts Season 2 will premiere Thursday, Sept. 29. The news was also revealed by the cast, led by Rose McIver on June 23 with an announcement video shared on the show's official social media. "Woodstone B&B is almost open for business," the cast says in shared messages. "Join us for the grand opening when Season 2 premieres on September 29th." Ghosts will join Young SheldonSo Help Me Todd and CSI: Vegas for the 8 p.m ET to 11 p.m. ET block.

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