'Game of Thrones': Series Finale Leaves Two Major Characters Ruling in the End

WARNING: Spoilers for the series finale of Game of Thrones ahead.

The end of Game of Thrones is here and Westeros has been remade by the children of those who kicked off the series. For some it was a tragic time where their original purpose was left in ash, while others seemed to paint a brighter future for Westeros and the lands to the north and east of the continent. No more White Walkers, no more Lannisters, no more evil Greyjoys. As Davos says, there has been enough throat slitting and bloodshed.

HBO's series finale for the show ushered in democracy of sorts for Westeros, as Bran was nominated and voted to be the first king to take the throne through choice. But he's not the only monarch to get a crown in the show.

Sansa Stark makes it clear that the North will remain a free kingdom as it was before, taking the crown for herself to become Queen of the North. Much like Jon Snow in a few seasons back, she gets the support of the fellow Northern clans and takes the spot she really worked hard to get.

Compared to the other strong women we saw on the show, Sansa might have ended her story in the most fulfilled fashion. She still had to suffer hardships throughout, but her final spot in the finale is as a ruler.

Bran's time on the Iron Throne might look to change Westeros as a whole -- hopefully for the better -- but Sansa is set to keep tradition alive in the north and serve as its protector.

At the same time, the other members of the Stark family also go on journey's that suit their characters. Jon Snow made it clear he never wanted the throne and he never wanted to be king. His punishment to go back to Castle Black, The Night's Watch and head north with Tormund if fitting. He was always a bit of a wildling at heart anyway and he did his duty for humanity.


Arya, on the other hand, is leaving her revenge behind in the ashes of King's Landing, much like The Hound told her to, and is ready to sail west into the unknown. There's some history behind this, so it would be interesting to read a follow-up about what she finds. But it is pretty clear that she's lived a life in Westeros and wants to live another elsewhere. Gendry will be just fine without her anyway.