'Game Of Thrones' Producers Hint at How Cersei’s Map Room Will Play Into Season 8

Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season may be more than a year away, but that hasn’t stopped [...]

Game of Thrones' eighth and final season may be more than a year away, but that hasn't stopped the cast and crew from dropping some spoilers.

Season 7 of the hit HBO series saw Queen of the Realm Cersei Lannister host Iron Banker Tycho Nestoris in her courtyard in King's Landing, where, on the floor, there is a painted map of Westeros. The room, now dubbed the Map Room by fans, was seen multiple times throughout the seventh season, and hints from the show's producers suggest that the open courtyard may factor into the eighth season.

Speaking on the DVD and Blu-Ray commentary for season 7, producer Chris Newman, VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, and VFX producer Steve Kullback discussed how the Map Room came to be and the importance of it in the future, Winter is Coming reports.

"Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff] asked us to make it an exterior location in an upcoming episode. But that'll pay off, too," Kullback said.

"The courtyard always was thought of as being an exterior courtyard, even before she had the map painted, hence the sunlight," Newman chimed in.

"It used to be at least a story taller, but there was a need to see the sky in this coverage," added Bauer.

The tip of the iceberg, however, was Kulback, who said that the information "forthcoming coverage."

The commentary suggests that fans haven't yet seen the end of the Map Room, and that it will likely feature in an important scene in the show's final season. Given that the showrunners specifically requested that the courtyard look as though it were outdoors implies that it's important that the sky is visible, leading to speculation that a prophecy will be fulfilled: dragons will fly over King's Landing.

Whether these dragons will be dead or alive is not yet known. As fans remember, Viserion is now part of the Night King's army, and after destroying the Wall, recent spoilers suggest that he may be headed north. It could also mean that Daenery's launches an assault on the capital.

Either way, fans will have to wait until 2019 to find out.