'Game of Thrones' Star Kit Harington Officially Ditches Jon Snow Look With New Haircut

It's the end of an era for fans of HBO's Game of Thrones with the show's conclusion proving nigh after one of its stars, Kit Harington, chopped off his signature Jon Snow locks.

While Harington was obligated to keep his curly locks through a contractual agreement for the series, with Game of Thrones now wrapped and set to air its remaining six episodes next April, the 31-year-old is free to style his look however he chooses.

And fans got the glimpse they were craving for over the weekend thanks to one Twitter user who shared an image of Harington not just with a fresh new haircut, but a moustache as well.

Earlier this year, Harington told Entertainment Weekly that he was more than ready to shed the signature locks.

"I'd like to step away and enjoy the obscurity, cut my hair, make myself less recognizable as the character, and go do and some other things with a completely new look and tone," Harington said at the time. "Short-short. The beard will be harder to get rid of — I quite like the beard. I like having the long hair and beard both, but it will be like ritualistic thing. I can't go into my next role looking the same. This role was brilliant, but I'll need to get rid of Jon Snow."

Fans are equally excited about the new look taking to the comments section of the image to express their enthusiasm, especially since it brings the prospect of new projects outside of the fantasy realm.

But while Harington has a lot of time now to spread his wings artistically and rid himself of the beloved character, he is still quite focused on bidding farewell to Game of Thrones. While speaking to reporters earlier this season, Harington explained how he thought the series would end and how fans will receive its anticipated conclusion.

"I think a TV series that's spanned eight, nine years is an incredibly difficult thing to end," Harington said. "I think not everyone's going to be happy, you know, and you can't please everyone. My favorite TV shows are Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and The Wire, and they all ended in a way that… It's never going to satisfy you."

Not much has been disclosed about the new season, but Harington told EW that he was so overwhelmed with emotion after the initial table read, he had cried twice.

"Every season, you read at the end of the last script 'End of Season 1,' or 'End of Season 2,'" he said. "This read 'End of Game of Thrones.'"


Game of Thrones' final season will air next year in April. HBO is also developing a prequel series, The Long Night, starring Naomi Watts.

Photo credit: HBO