'Game of Thrones' Fans Went Crazy Over the Rampage in Season 8, Episode 5

WARNING: Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5 ahead.

If you thought the slaughter at the Battle of Winterfell was something else, you clearly weren't prepared for episode five's sacking of King's Landing by Daenerys Targaryen and her forces. While it likely won't rub everybody the right way, especially those who care about plot and story elements. But if you're tuning in for carnage and bloodshed, you likely weren't disappointed.

When Drogon and Daenerys decide to come from behind, they truly mean it. While Euron Greyjoy's fleet seemed invincible up until this point, the dragon and its master destroy the entire thing in just a few moments. They dodge the bolts from the fleet's scorpions, destroy them, and then proceed to make mince of the entire defense system of King's Landing itself.

"Daenerys just going up and down systematically like Pac Man. good lord," is how wikipedia brown described the carnage on Twitter.

And the Golden Company? They did absolutely nothing. They make for a nice showcase, had some numbers and skill, but didn't get to fight at all. Daenerys comes from behind, decimates them, and her forces then make their way into the city.

The carnage is limited at first and it seems like the Dragon Queen has just won the day. The Lannister forces surrender and the bells begin to ring in the city, sounding the end of the battle.

But it doesn't end. She takes off on Drogon and begins to burn the entire city and its innocent civilians. She also ignites the wild fire that Cersei had hidden around the city, leading to a complete wave of devastation.

Fans were not happy with the sudden shift for Daenerys' character in the show, especially with how the once strong queen that fought to break chains and free slaves went ahead to burn innocents alive in the castle.

"they had to assassinate daenerys' character to make jon the hero in the end when he kills her. sounds sexist. but okay!" one fan wrote on Twitter.

"daenerys for 7 seasons: has never harmed anyone innocent, stopped cultures of rape and violence against women, her priority was always the people," another fan vented online. "daenerys season 8: hears bells of surrender and for some f—ing [absurd] reason starts killing innocents."

If the rest of this season has been divisive up to this point, tonight's episode is sure to make it even more difficult for people to stomach this being the end of the series.


Then again, there are plenty of people who had to enjoy what they saw and want to see more of it, meaning those HBO prequels are just waiting to be devoured.

You can catch the finale of Game of Thrones next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.