'Game of Thrones': Fans Couldn't Handle This Character's Heartbreaking Death in Episode 3

Game of Thrones fans knew that some of their favorite characters weren't going to get out of the Battle of Winterfell alive. The third episode of the final season lived up to its "historic" promotion but also left some fans sore over the loss of several big name characters.

Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 ahead.

Plenty of Dothrakis, Unsullied, and other nameless soldiers lost their lives in the battle, but it was the major surprises that struck deep for fans. Many expected these losses, but it didn't soften the blow.

One of the biggest losses of the night was the loyal and brave Ser Jorah Mormont. The loss sets up a tearful moment between Iain Glen and Emilia Clarke, giving Mormont one last chance to share his love with his queen. But after getting exiled, contracting greyscale, battling in the arena, and eventually returning to Westeros, Mormont just couldn't outlive the Army of the Dead. But he dies as he did throughout, heroically defending his queen to the end. Even better, she's fighting right next to him.

Seeing how we have three episodes left in the final season, it won't be a shock that these deaths get avenged in some way -- be it Daenerys finally ascending to the throne or seeing that one of the heroes wins out thanks to Mormont's sacrifice.

We also know very well that the dead don't always stay dead when it comes to Game of Thrones -- though certain aspects of this episode might change that.

George R.R. Martin has always said the end of his story is meant to be bittersweet, so we can likely expect the show to follow that expectation to some point. Evil won't win out, but it likely won't leave everybody happy. As we saw in the episode tonight, things happened that were definitely unexpected and tossed the rest of the series up in the air. Who will sit on the Iron Throne now?


Either way, fans left their feelings to pour out on social media and didn't hold back as the episode marched to its bloody ending.

One thing that is certain is how this puts a fork in some of the running fan theories surrounding Jorah Mormont and the "Prince that was promised." It doesn't seem like he's going to be wielding any flaming swords any time soon.