'Game of Thrones': Has the Series Finale Leaked?

We're in the final hours before Game of Thrones comes to an end. The series finale for the HBO series will air officially on Sunday night on the network and its HBO Now streaming platform. But as we've seen in past weeks, the fantasy series has been plagued with leaks of all types. At least three of the episodes were leaked in video form before airing, while Episode 3 dropped as part of a series of still images that fans put together to get a hint at what happens during the Battle of Winterfell.

WARNING: Spoilers for the series finale of Game of Thrones ahead.

The fifth episode seemed to fill the holes and stop the leaks, at least in the video and image realm. All that ended up being released was a set of written plot details and events from the final two episodes of the series, forcing most fans to wait until the episode actually aired to compare notes to reality.

The difference between this week and the time before episode 5 is that a bulk of the leaks from last week were confirmed in great detail. We saw Daenerys go "mad" and burn King's Landing. We saw the end of Cersei and Jaime Lannister, crushed while embracing each other one last time. And we saw Euron Greyjoy run out of luck after losing his fleet to Drogon and losing his life to Jaime.

The finale takes off right where that episode left off, with the leaks doing the same. So has the episode leaked? Technically no. We can't confirm the details that have been released just yet.

But what we can do is say that the leaks from last week were proven to be truth. It led to a lot of crazy reactions and people feeling upset that their favorite character had a heel turn in the 11th hour of the series. And to be fair, many were more upset with how it happened and not the fact that it did happen.

If video or stills for the finale do leak, we will update with that information as soon as it is available. But until then, know that there are spoilers in the wild and the leaks are possibly confirmed.


You can also sleep tight knowing that Robert Baratheon was right about Daenerys from the very beginning of the series. He might've been loud, overweight, and boorish, but he had the gift of sight into the future.