'Full House' Spinoff Proposed By John Stamos Does Not Include Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin likely won't be returning when Fuller House's fifth and final season arrives on Netflix in the fall, and going by a new idea from John Stamos, she wouldn't be included in another Full House spinoff, either.

The actor proposed his premise for a spinoff of the popular '90s sitcom while speaking to E! News, and his idea features the Tanner family pre-Becky Donaldson, the character Loughlin played on the show.

As Fuller House gears up for its conclusion, Stamos shared that he doesn't think the Tanner's story has to end just yet, with the actor proposing the idea of a prequel series.

"I don't think it's done either," he shared. "I think there's a play that we go backward, like what happened before?"

"If you remember in the pilot of the show, my sister Pam dies, and that's why it's the three men raising the three girls, so I'd like to explore that — the brother/sister, maybe go back," added Stamos. We'll see."

Full House focused on Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), a widowed broadcaster whose brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis (Stamos) and best friend Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) moved in to help him raise his three daughters after the death of his wife, Pam.

Loughlin eventually entered the show as Danny's Wake Up San Francisco co-host Rebecca Donaldson, with her character marrying Jesse. She later gave birth to the couple's twin sons, Nicky and Alex. A prequel focusing on the relationship between Pam and Danny would effectively write her out of the story, as Pam's death took place years before Jesse met Rebecca.

Every original cast member of Full House save for the Olsen twins reprised their roles in some form on Fuller House, which premiered in 2016. Loughlin was reportedly pulled from the final season of the show after it was revealed that she was involved in the nationwide college cheating scandal, as was her husband, Mossimo Giannulli.

The couple was accused of paying $500,000 to have both of their daughters designated as crew recruits to the University of Southern California despite the fact that neither of them row crew.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight last week, Stamos said that he's still trying to "figure it out" when asked how Loughlin could factor into Fuller House's final season.


"I haven't been on the show yet and it hasn't come up, so I'm going to talk to some people about it this week and see what's going on," he said. "I'm just going to wait a little longer before I talk about it. It's a difficult situation for everyone involved. I don't mean just on our side."

Photo credit: ABC