'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Star Tatyana Ali 'Would Totally Want to do' a Sequel Series (Exclusive)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air debuted in 1990, and very quickly became one of the most beloved and [...]

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air debuted in 1990, and very quickly became one of the most beloved and talked about sitcoms of the decade. After airing on NBC for six seasons — a total of 148 episodes — the series said goodbye in May 1996. In the many years since Fresh Prince ended, there have been rumors and speculation of a reboot or reunion, which is something that series star Tatyana Ali recently told PopCulture.com she "would totally want to do."

"I know there are cast members that would be open to it," she went on to say. "I think for all of us... French Prince had six seasons, and it was so culturally just on point, I guess all the episodes still hold up. So, I think it really is about what storyline we could do now, that would make it feel as good as it did then."

Ali continued: "I don't think anyone would want to do it half way. It would have to be as excellent as it was, and as funny. So, if somebody could come up with the right idea, I don't know, it really could get it going. I would totally be into it. Honestly, I would be into it just to see everybody every day. We had so much fun."

Notably, back in December, Ali expressed very similar sentiments during a interview with Good Morning America host Laura Spencer, after being asked about the rumors of a series reunion.

"I would be down to do it," she said. "I know some other cast members might be. But I don't know. I have no idea if it's happening. I would totally work with everybody every day again. We love each other, we still do."

The reunion/reboot chatter was ignited back in October, when it was reported that Will Smith's production company Westbrook Inc. is developing a follow-up to the iconic sitcom.

"It has definitely been a creative rebirth for Will," an unidentified Westbrook executive told The Hollywood Reporter of the idea. "He comes to the office and loves to see the social content people are working on. It's the closest thing to performing onstage because of the immediate feedback."

While the possibility that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast could reunite for a new series, the reunion would likely be bittersweet for many fans, as series actor James Avery — who was well-known and loved for playing Philip "Uncle Phil" Banks — passed away in 2013.

At this time, there have been no updates on Smith's proposed Fresh Prince reboot.

Photo Credit: Ron Galella / Getty Images