'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends' Spinoff in the Works

Aimed at preschoolers, 'Foster's Funtime for Imaginary Friends' comes from 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends' creator Craig McCracken.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is officially making a comeback. Warner Bros. has announced that the fan-favorite animated Cartoon Network series, which ran for six seasons from 2004 to 2009, will be getting a spinoff. Aimed at preschoolers, Foster's Funtime for Imaginary Friends will once again air on Cartoon Network. Per the official description, "A young group of preschool imaginary friends learn from an immature elder friend, Bloo, who unintentionally gets things wrong."

Created by Craig McCracken, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was set in a world in which imaginary friends coexist with humans. 8-year-old Mac is pressured by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend, Bloo, but after they discover an orphanage dedicated to housing abandoned imaginary friends, Bloo moves in. Bloo is back once again for the new spinoff, and it seems like he is still causing chaos.

McCracken created the spinoff, which comes from Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe. As of now, more details have yet to be announced, but it's likely additional information will be released in the coming months. Cartoon Network has rebooted or revived shows in the past or taken them in a different direction. It was only just a matter of time before a spinoff of Foster's happened, as the series has remained a global fan-favorite. 

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends starred Sean Marquette, Keith Ferguson, Phil LaMarr, Tom Kenny, Candi Mio, Grey DeLisle, Tom Kane, Tara Strong, Jeff Bennett and Kevin Michael Richardson. It's unknown if any of them will be returning for Foster's Funtime for Imaginary Friends, specifically Bloo's voice actor, LaMarr. At the very least, fans should be looking forward to a new set of voice actors, but the possibility of returning voices is hopefully high.

Even though the new series will be for preschoolers, adult viewers may still have fun watching it, especially if they grew up watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The spinoff is not the only Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network project that was announced. Also revealed were new Adventure Time, Scooby-Doo and Regular Show projects, among others. While nothing can compare to the originals, it is going to be exciting to see how they turn out and how they will bring in a whole new generation of fans.