'Smart Guy' Alum John Marshall Jones Reveals If He Would Appear in Reboot (Exclusive)

Former Smart Guy star John Marshall Jones, who played dad Floyd Henderson in the iconic family series, recently revealed if he would want to appear in a reboot of the sitcom. While speaking to PopCulture.com, Marshall shared his thoughts on the prospect of the show making a comeback and shared he "would love to be a part of a reboot of Smart Guy."

"I think that we'll see, through its release on Disney+," he admitted to PopCulture.com. "Apparently it's one of the top 10 shows on Disney+ already." Jones went on to say how it would be great if "the release and the success of this show in its re-release is going to fuel some type of a Smart Guy part two."

Marshall also commented on why he thinks the beloved show resonated with viewers. "I think that that there was an amazing relationship going on within this family that was all based on love," he said. "That the parent on the show was so committed to loving and protecting his family that it came through the screen and it made people at home feel loved and protected when they watched it. And because of that, the young genius could go out and have adventures that were beyond the scope of normal kids, because he was protected."

He adds that it was because of this that his character could "really explore his environment to the complete ends of his ability. "And also it was a workplace sitcom, where the workplace was a school. And the president of the company was an 11 year old. And so it gave kids a sense of autonomy for half an hour, that they could be the boss of their own environment," he said. Marshall also reflected back on his childhood and entrance into the entertainment industry, explaining why he still finds it "exciting to be in Hollywood."

"I grew up in Detroit in the '60s and '70s. I remember the riots and the smell of tear gas and the protests in the streets. I was a kid, so that was all magnified," he recalled. "It wasn't strange. It was the way the world was and then when the auto companies, in response to Detroit electing a black mayor, the auto companies picked up business and left Detroit. That's why Detroit hasn't recovered yet. They just picked up and took all the money with them."


"To come from that to living and breathing and thriving in Hollywood, I still giggle about this whole situation," Marshall exclaimed in conclusion. All three seasons of Smart Guy are available on Disney+ for subscribers to stream anytime. Fans can also view his community service efforts at KappaLeague.TV.