'Evil' Viewers Sound off During New CBS Show's 'Creepy' Premiere Episode

CBS premiered new supernatural series Evil Thursday night, and some viewers are already having nightmares. The new series from The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King follows a skeptical psychologist who teams up with a priest and a contractor to investigate mysterious supernatural phenomena.

Spoilers ahead for Evil Series Premiere: "Pilot"

Thursday's series premiere introduced fans to Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers) as she interviews a man on trial for multiple rapes and murders. The frightening conversation between the man and the psychologist comes with snippets of graphic murder scenes, sending chills up some viewers' spines.

Before she can testify that she believes he is mentally fit to face the consequences of his actions, Kristen meets David Acosta, a priest in training who claims the suspect believes he is possessed by a demon who forced him to commit the crimes.

Kristen declares herself a skeptic immediately, but refuses to testify for the prosecution until she can do more research into the man's possible mental illness. David then enlists her to help with their investigation in the possible demonic possession, with him saying having a skeptic in the group would make it easier to track those who are faking it.

She becomes more interested in the case after a second interview with the suspect, when his voice changes and he starts to yell at her in Latin.

Kristen seems to also be haunted by her own demons one night, when she wakes in the middle of the night and sees a shadowy figure appear from the back of her lamp.

The mysterious figure walks slowly and pees in a corner of her bedroom before approaching her and attempting to attack her. In that moment Kristen releases a loud scream that wakes her four daughters.

After speaking with her therapist about her night terror, Kristen gathers with David and Ben Shroff (Aasif Mandvi) to pay a visit to the suspect's wife — who first reported the possible possession. A look at the house reveals where mysterious sounds she heard may have come from, suggesting the man may be pretending to be possessed. Kristen and David are frightened, however, after they see the suspect once again and he tells her specific details about her night terror demon mirage.

The show then introduces Leland Townsend (Lost's Michael Emerson) when Kristen sees him testifying for the prosecution in her place. David reveals the man as the show's main antagonist, who motivates people to step into their darkest desires.

After a quick investigation Kristen finds out Leland broke into her therapist's office and shared details of her night terror with the suspect to help him sell the story of his possession. Confirming the man was never actually possessed, the team manages close the case with a certain conviction. Leland, however, is still out there.


At the end of the episode, David and Ben discuss their next case — a miracle at a nearby hospital. Kristen decides to join the team full-time.

What did you think about Evil's premiere episode? The show airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.