Jenny McCarthy's Christina Applegate Interview During the Emmys Is Getting Roasted Online

The 2019 Emmy's served a ton of memorable moments, but maybe one of the most cringeworth was Jenny McCarthy's Red Carpet interview with Christina Applegate, for which the Masked Singer judge is getting roasted online over. During the pair's chat, McCarthy told Applegate that she grew up watching and idolizing her on Married with Children, even though she is only one year younger than the actress. McCarthy's other big faux pas was implying that Applegate's Lead Actress in a Comedy Series nomination for Dead to Me was an Emmy-first for her, when in reality she was previously nominated for the award twice before — in 2008 and 2009 — for her the series Samantha Who?

Many viewers took to social media to call out McCarthy for her flubs, with one person tweeting, "Is Jenny McCarthy drunk? She just told Christina Applegate that she grew up watching her on TV and remembered thinking she wanted to be like her when she was older...but...she's only 1 year younger than Christina. Christina seemed annoyed by the whole interview."

"I can absolutely see teenaged Jenny McCarthy thinking Kelly Bundy was a real person and deciding that's who and what she wanted to aspire to be," another fan sarcastically replied. "In fact, that interpretation is not only plausible, it would sum up Jenny McCarthy's entire career."

"Jenny McCarthy is RUINING the red carpet," someone else tweeted. "I am concerned about her germs getting on actual famous people who have talent."

"Sticking to the issue of why she's there, Jenny McCarthy certainly didn't do her homework," one other user wrote.

"Oh God Jenny McCarthy is hosting red carpet for Fox. I will make a donation to the charity of choice of any celebrity who tells people to vaccinate their kids while she's interviewing them," a Twitter user quipped, referring to McCarthy's outspoken anti-vaccine position.

"Anti-vaxxer queen Jenny McCarthy is hosting the Emmys red carpet show on Fox. Blech. Someone tell her that measles, mumps, and rubella clash with every color combination," one last user quipped.


At this time, McCarthy does not appear to have commented on all the criticism from her brief interview with Applegate.

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images