Elsbeth Hits the Tennis Court with Guest Star Blair Underwood in 'Elsbeth' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Underwood guest stars as the father and coach of a rising tennis star in the Apr. 18 episode of 'Elsbeth.'

Elsbeth is finally back after a hiatus and continuing to bring in some great guest stars, including for this week's episode. PopCulture.com has an exclusive sneak peek from the new episode airing this Thursday, Apr. 18, which will see L.A. Law alum Blair Underwood swinging by — literally. In Season 1, Episode 5, "Ball Girl," the world's top tennis champion drops dead on the court, so Elsbeth and Kaya set their sights on a rising tennis star and his competitive father and coach, Cliff, played by Underwood.

In the sneak peek, which can be watched above, Elsbeth is all dressed up for tennis from head to toe and with her own racket. She tries her hand at tennis while Cliff reluctantly teaches her, and she isn't very good. What she is good at, though, is sliding in some very important questions pertaining to the tennis star's murder, even despite an arrest being made. It seems like Elsbeth isn't too sure the person who was caught did it, and she rambles on about a couple of drugs that the late tennis star was exposed to. Elsbeth, being Elsbeth, switches the subject back to tennis, but it's clear she needs more than one practice.

Underwood is only the latest big guest star to hit the new CBS series. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Stephen Moyer, Jane Krakowski, and Retta have previously guest-starred on Elsbeth, with many more amazing guest stars on the way. It sounds like this episode is going to be a pretty entertaining one, and fans won't want to miss a single second. Not just because Underwood is appearing.

(Photo: Michael Parmelee/CBS)

Meanwhile, the episode will also see Captain Wagner starting to suspect Elsbeth's reason for being in New York, and it's not just the consent decree. It was revealed at the end of the series premiere that she was in New York for a bigger reason, and that was so she could keep an eye on Wagner, who is supposedly a corrupt cop. This storyline seems to be heating up, and there is no telling which way it will go.

Make sure to watch the exclusive sneak peek above. Blair Underwood guest stars in a new episode of Elsbeth premiering this Thursday, Apr. 18 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The first four episodes are currently streaming on Paramount+ for anyone who wants to catch up.