'Ellen' Guests Were Allegedly Told to Compliment Host During Interviews

Ellen DeGeneres has come under fire over the past few days after allegations came out about a toxic work environment going on on the set of her show. Adding some fuel to the fire, Page Six is reporting that guests on her show were told to praise the host while appearing on the show, a move that some of the guests reportedly felt was off-putting.

The news outlet notes that before going out for their interview, guests were told by producers to pour on the complements. One source told Page Six that the producer would say, "Compliment Ellen, tell her what a big fan you are." Another source said they were fans of DeGeneres before coming onto the show, but to be told to make a conscious effort to praise her was "really weird." Furthermore, this source explained that looking at past segments, this adds up, "If you do look at past interviews, most of the guests always gush over Ellen." Page Six added that nothing suggests DeGeneres was the one directing her producers to push for guests to gush over her.

At the end of July, dozens of former Ellen Show employees shared stories about sexual misconduct and harassment behind the scenes. After word of these actions ran rampant online across news stations, WarnerMedia, which is behind her program, put out a statement telling everyone that they are the allegations "very seriously," adding that an investigation will be conducted "to determine the validity and extent" of all that was said. DeGeneres herself also commented on the allegations, penning a letter to apologize. She shared how at the start of the show, she hoped to create a program that was a "place of happiness," noting that something changed and that she is "disappointed" of the latest accusations.

In fact, the host came out on Sunday and said she "felt betrayed" by what was reportedly going on behind the scenes. Her frustration appears to be serious after a source told Us Weekly she even "wants out of the show." With DeGeneres as potentially on the way out, a replacement name has been floated around, James Corden. The Sun was the first to put his name out there after sources told them that those at NBC have him at the top of their list for replacements. With his name gaining steam, some viewers took to social media to dig up some of his past controversies.